9kW Heat Pumps & Heat Pump Kits

If you are looking for a 9kW heat pump or heat pump kit that is not featured below, please get in touch.

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  • LG Therma V 9kW R32 Monobloc S Air Source Heat Pump HM091MR.U44

    £2,919.60 inc. VAT
    [£2,433.00 exc. VAT]
  • WH-MDC09J3E5

    9 kW Panasonic Aquarea High Performance Mono‑bloc J Generation 1 Phase R32 WH-MDC09J3E5

    £3,698.00 inc. VAT
    [£3,081.67 exc. VAT]
  • KIT-WQC16H9E8

    9 kW Panasonic T-CAP Bi-bloc H Generation 1 Phase / 3 Phase R410A KIT-WXC09H3E5

    £4,365.19 inc. VAT
    [£3,637.66 exc. VAT]
  • WH-MXC16H9E8

    9 kW Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP Mono-bloc J Generation 1ph / 3ph Heating and Cooling MXC R32 WH-MXC09J3E5

    £4,597.08 inc. VAT
    [£3,830.90 exc. VAT]
  • LG 9kW R32 Monobloc ASHP 1ph with Standalone Cylinder Pkg

    From: £5,108.41 inc. VAT
    [£4,257.01 exc. VAT]
  • LG 9kW R32 Monobloc ASHP 1ph with Pre-Plumbed Cylinder

    From: £5,121.21 inc. VAT
    [£4,267.68 exc. VAT]