SpyroTrap MB3 Magnetic System Filter for Air Source Heating

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Magnetic System Filter for Air Source Heating

Magnetic System Filter: 28mm Compression MB3 Magnetic System Filter (UE028WJ)

  • Many untreated or improperly treated heating systems suffer from an accumulation of debris, collectively referred to as sludge deposits. Made up of corrosion products, water hardness flakes and installation or maintenance debris, this sludge can cause premature equipment failure or block/restrict system flow – directly reducing system life, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The SpiroTrap MB3 is an extremely effective and powerful dirt separator for removing both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt particles from central heating systems.
    • Detachable powerful magnet
    • Rotating connector to enabling the unit to be installed on horizontal, vertical and even diagonal pipes
    • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Servicing takes just 30 seconds (emptying of deposits). The removal of parts is NOT required.

As per BSRIA guide BG29/2012 and Building Regs PART L all pipework should be cleaned and sanitised to remove all physical debris and biological growth prior to the installation of a thermal fluid.

Kilfrost GEO is also available pre-diluted with de-ionised water to the required level of freeze protection.