Zypho iZi 30 Horizontal Tray Trap, Under Shower Unit

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Zypho iZi 30 Horizontal Tray Trap is designed for installation under a shower unit – it is an  affordable, easy-to-fit energy-saving device for bathrooms, substantially improving the energy efficiency of showers.

  • Passively recovers heat from shower waste
  • Low cost
  • Low maintenance – ‘fit and forget’
  • Robust, lightweight and easy to fit
  • No moving parts or power connections
  • Horizontal and vertical solutions available
  • Perfect for high-density housing
  • UK logistics for rapid product call off

Zypho iZi 30 Horizontal Tray Trap can provide a home with the same EPC uplift as installing triple glazing – at a fraction of the cost.

The system is made of high quality chromed ABS, with a maximum 25l/m capacity and 31% efficiency.

The Zypho iZi is a very easy retrofit and can improve EPC ratings, or else is perfect in new builds. In either case, Zypho systems are an unobtrusive and valuable addition to any hot water system: no wires, no batteries, and no power required, these self-contained units can lower residential hot water costs by an estimated 10%.


After space-heating, hot water is the largest energy consumer in the
home. By the simple act of recovering heat from waste water, Zypho®
improves the efficiency of the shower by between 31-75%, depending
on the application and model. Perfect for new build or for retrofitting, its
unique, self-contained mechanism requires no mains connection or


Zypho® improves the efficiency of the shower by between 31-75%,


Most showers send waste water down the drain at 40 °C – a major
waste of energy. With Zypho®, the outgoing waste water is run against
a copper coil of incoming fresh cold water. While the two streams are
kept physically separate, heat passes from the waste hot to the fresh
cold, effectively recycling the heat and lightening the load placed on
the hot water generation system. The pre-heated fresh water can
be directed to the shower tap, to the water heater, or to both.

zypho iZi 30 technical


Zypho iZi 30 Horizontal Tray Trap
SAP uplift % = 3 – 6%*
Capital Cost = £ 450
…compared to…
Upgrading to triple glazing
SAP uplift % = c. 5%
Capital Cost =  c. £4,000

How It Works

1] 40 °C waste water travels down the shower drain and through the Zypho iZi 30 Horizontal Tray Trap.
2] It passes its heat to incoming 10 °C cold water.
3] With no physical contact, incoming fresh cold water is warmed up and fed back to the shower mixer at ±22 °C.



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