Sunamp Thermino 150 ePV Heat Battery

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Sunamp Thermino 150 ePV heat battery for charging from grid and PV electricity. Perfect for a 1-2 bedroom property.

Thermino ePV (UniQ eHW +iPV) – Designed to produce domestic hot water by using grid electricity and surplus PV energy. It can be used as an alternative to a hot water storage tank, providing the same energy storage in a much smaller volume.

The reduced size combined with the fact that the Sunamp does not need any venting allows for full flexibility in install location.

The Thermino 150 ePV would typically be installed in a 1-2 bedroom property as a rule of thumb.

Note, the Sunamp is very heavy: tilting it beyond 45 degrees may damage the unit and void your warranty.


Sunamp heat battery for charging from off-peak grid electricity. Perfect for apartments or off-grid applications.

Sunamp Thermino Heat Batteries are designed to efficiently store heat for domestic hot water systems. Their super-compact Heat Battery technology offers a uniquely clean, safe, compact and very low maintenance thermal energy storage solution.

Using the non-toxic phase change material (PCM), sodium acetate trihydride,  they can be charged with a variety of energy sources:

They can be retrofitted to existing hot water systems,  or specified for use in new build projects. Sunamp Heat Batteries can substitute a standard hot water tank in a fraction of the space.

The Thermino batteries are available in different models for different heat sources. The numbers in the product names represent equivalent hot water cylinder size.

For compatibility with different heat pump models please contact us for advice – not all heat pumps are compatible with Sunamp and selection of the appropriate Sunamp for a particular heat pump may not be obvious.

Thermino Heat Batteries

Thermino Heat Batteries
Product Code SKP-BAW-ATZ-1
Equivalent energy storage 7.0kWh
Equivalent hot water capacity 140L
Water available at 40°C 199L
Weight in use 139kg
Height 640mm
Width 365mm
Depth 575mm

Technical Specifications

Standing heat loss 28.1W
Energy efficiency rating C
Recommended flow rate 15LPM
Minimum supply pressure 1.5 bar
Maximum supply pressure 10 bar
Annual electricity consumption 1,398kWh/annum

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Storage core warranty: 10 Years
Other parts warranty: 2 Years
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