Hitachi Yutaki M R32 Monobloc Air to Water Heat Pump – 12 kW Nominal Output – Single & Three Phase

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Full set of essential accessories for installation.


5 year warranty

Yutaki M R32

Monobloc air-to-water heat pumps
Eco-friendly R32 range from 4 to 16kW

Using air as a renewable energy source together with a more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, the new Yutaki Monobloc air-to water heat pump range  rovides large energy savings with a low environmental impact.

Our products are the most suited to supporting the green transition towards net zero and a sustainable low carbon energy future. Hitachi Cooling & Heating air-to-water heat pumps are suited to all types of properties and can save considerable amounts of energy by using such a low amount of electricity.

Monobloc benefits

In a self-contained monobloc heat pump the refrigerant cycle is integrated within the outdoor unit (ODU), which is connected to the heat distribution system via  hydraulic connections.

  1. Space saving: since no indoor units are needed for a monobloc system, it fits perfectly houses with limited indoor space.
  2. Easy installation & service: No refrigerant handling is required, hydraulic and electrical connections only.
  3. New Yutaki M R32 is compatible with Hitachi Cooling & Heating range of thermostats


The installation pack contains all the accessories that you will need for installation:

  1. Unit Main Controller – Yutaki M 2-3 HP & Yutaki S-80 ONLY
  2. Yutaki-M Remote Mirror Box 2 – 3 HP ONLY
  3. 3 Way Valve – (previously VID3V1)
  4. Water Temperature Sensor for external Hot Water Tank
  5. Drain Boss – For 2 to 3 hp Condensers
  6. 1 X Pair Pre-Insulated Flexible Hose Kit – 1″ for 2 to 3 hp Monoblocs
  7. 1 Pack of 3 X Anti-Vibration Feet (Yutaki-M)


Yutaki M Monobloc R32 ASHP Dimensions

Yutaki M dimensions


The Hitachi Monoblock R32 range of ASHPs will pair with the Telford range of cylinders – please get in touch for free advice on installation and accessories: 01260 228 822.