LG Therma V 9kW R32 Monobloc S Air Source Heat Pump HM091MR.U44

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LG, Life's Good
  • Black Fin Heat Exchanger
  • 100% heating capacity at -7°C (@LWT 55°C)
  • CO~P up to 4.90 (7°/35°)
  • Intuitive Interface – User friendly


R32 Monobloc S Air Source Heat Pump

The THERMA V R32 Monobloc S is the 2nd generation of LG’s R32 Monobloc series. As implied by “silence” and “supreme,” it boasts reduced noise level and best performance in the
THERMA V Series. Combining the indoor and outdoor as one module, it’s also connected by only water piping eliminating the need for refrigerant piping. Furthermore, hydronic components like the plate heat exchanger, expansion tank, water pump, flow sensor, pressure sensor, air vent valve, and safety valve are conveniently situated inside the unit. The R32 Monobloc S provides excellent heating performance, especially at low ambient temperature while it lowering its carbon emissions with R32.


Enhanced installation flexibility

  •  All-in-one outdoor unit
  •  Low sound level allowing high installation location flexibility
  • ODU with built-in hydronic components : water pump, flow sensor, pressure sensor, expansion tank, air vent, etc.
  • User-friendly installation settings interface
  • Optional electric backup heater (3kW or 6kW)
  • Enhanced connectivity for 3rd party backup heater

High efficiency and wide operational range

  • R32 refrigerant with reduced global warming potential (GWP)
  • Less environmental impact with low refrigerant amount (compared to R410A)
  • 100% heating capacity at -15 o OAT (@ LWT 35o)
  • Improved heating operation at defrost condition
  • SCOP up to 4.67 (Average climate / Low temp. application) : A+++
  • SCOP up to 3.47 (Average climate / Mid temp. application) : A++
  • COP up to 4.90 (Outdoor air 7o / Leaving water 35o)
  • Leaving water temperature up to 65o
  • Expanded operative range of solar thermal system

Innovative design and technology

  • Improved heat exchanger design (New Black Fin)
  • Built-in water flow & pressure sensors to monitor real-time water circuit
  • Advanced water pump control (Optimal flow rate, fixed capacity, fixed flow rate)
  • Enhanced 2nd circuit control logic
  • Energy monitoring of estimated power consumption via remote controller
  • Modbus connectivity without gateway
  • Control for DHW recirculation pump based on schedule

Monobloc Concept

R32 Monobloc S is an all-in-one concept and reduced weight allows for quicker and easier installations.

  • Additional hydronic components are included in the package
  • Easier and quicker installation without refrigerant piping work

R32 Monobloc S ASHP: HM091MR.U44

Refrigerant & GWP R32 / 675
Capacity Range (kW) (1Ø) 5.5 / 7 / 9
Energy Efficiency Class for Heating
A+++ / A++ (35℃ / 55℃)
Power Supply (V, Ø, Hz) 220-240, 1, 50
Dimension & Weight
1,239 × 834 × 330 / 89.5
Sound Power Level (dB(A)) 57
Operation Range (OAT, ℃) Heating : -25 ~ 35
Cooling : 5 ~ 48
Operation Range (LWT, ℃) Heating : 15 ~ 65
Cooling : 5 ~ 27 (16 ~ 27)1)
Operation Range (LWT, ℃) DHW : 15 ~ 802)



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