Joule DHW Heat Pump & Cylinder Kit, 160L, 200L, 260L

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Joule DHW Heat Pump Cylinder

The Joule DHW Heat Pump Cylinder efficiently provides all the domestic hot water (DHW) requirement for a typical dwelling.

Sleak in its design the Joule DHW can fit seamlessly into a standard sized kitchen unit if required, potentially freeing up additional storage room in the airing cupboard. The supply air is fed to the heat pump cylinder via insulated ducting. The Joule DHW range comes in various volumes to suit any requirement. (180L, 220L).

Due to the high efficiencies, the cylinder reduces the dwelling emissions in SAP/DEAP making it possible to achieve compliance using electric space heating.

  • Hot water up to 55ºC in heat pump mode
  • Maximum reliability and high efficiency
  • Energy savings up to 75% compared to a traditional electric boiler
  • Up to 10 years warranty on the tank
  • Large volume of hot water always available
  • Intelligent control, allowing time scheduling for electricity pricing periods
  • Interface integrated in the unit
  • Recirculation socket as standard
  • Anti-corrosion without the need for sacrificial anode
  • Automatic anti-legionella disinfection
  • Low noise impact fans

Ducting Design

A good ducting design should look to minimise system pressure drops. One way excessive pressure drops can happen is if ducting sizes are too small. We recommend using 220x90mm on main runs.

Another way excessive pressure drops can happen is if the external vents are not adequately sized.

These must be a double airbrick or a vent of equal free area.

Unit Location

Typically the Joule DHW Heat Pump Cylinder will be located in a store room or within a standard utility or kitchen unit.

All connections are taken off the front side for ease of access and maintenance.

Like with all DHW heat pump cylinders to minimise pressure drop and increase efficiencies the unit should minimise ducting runs when feasible. Maintenance must be considered so all servicible G3 components are easily accessed.

Total Cylinder Capacity 160L 200L 260L
Rated Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz) 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Tank Max Pressure (kPa) 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Corrosion Protection
Insulation Protection Rating
COP @ 7 Degrees C (EN16147)
COP @ 14 Degrees C (EN16147)
Power Input By Electric Backup (W) 1500 1500
Rated Power Input By Heat Pump (W) 380 380
Maximum Power Input By Heat Pump (W) 485 495
Maximum Power Input (W) 1985 1995
Heating Water Capacity (L / Hours) 160L 200L 260L
Heating Up Time (10 Degrees C / 55 Degrees C @ 7 Degrees C / Hour 06:12 (ASHP Only) 8:37 (ASHP Only)
Default Temperature Setting (Degrees C) 55 55 55
Temperature Setting Range With Heater (Degrees C) 45-70 45-70 45-70
Maximum Temperature Output For The Heat Pump Only (Degrees C) 60 60 60
Max Working Pressure Of Refrigerant (Mpa)
Refrigerant Type / Weight (kg) R290/0.15kg R290/0.15kg R290/0.15kg
Noise Power dB(A) @ 7 Degrees C (in)
V40 (L) 209.6 316.8
Ambient Temperature Of Heat Pump (Degrees C) 20 20 20
Water Inlet & Outlet Connection 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″
TPR Valve Connection 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″
Drain & Water Inlet Connection 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Product Dimesion 1609/525/561
Packing Dimension With Pallet (mm)
Net / Gross Weight (kg) 58
Filled Weight Of Appliance (kg) 218
Energy Efficiency % 115 115
Energy Rating A+ A+
Cost At Todays Rates (Each)
Cost For Commissioning (Each) n/a n/a n/a
Anti Legionella Cycle Temperature if Applicable 60 60 60
Lead Times 7-10 days 7-10 days 7-10 days
Fan Capability L/s Flow Rates @ 150Pa
Ductwork Connection Sizes Off Units 150/160 round 150/160 round 150/160 round
Maintenance Requirements service once per year service once per year service once per year
Controls Method / Connectivity controller on unit controller on unit controller on unit
Insulation Requirements 25mm on ducting only 25mm on ducting only 25mm on ducting only

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