Riello 6kW Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump & Telford pre-plumbed cylinder c/w integral buffer kit

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riello air source heat pumpNXHM 006

Monobloc air-water heat pumps

NXHM is a high-efficiency residential hydronic heat pump for heating and cooling, with the possibility of domestic hot water production for domestic use. The unit works with R32 ecological refrigerant, guaranteeing not only low global warming potential (GWP) and low CO2 emissions, but also optimum energy efficiency over the whole operating range.

NXHM is also fitted with new exchange coils with the special hydrophilic and anti-corrosion Blue-Fin treatment that improves the drainage of condensate on the fins, thereby reducing the risk of the coils freezing (maximum efficiency even in damp climates.)

The NXHM 006 has a heating capacity of 6.35 kW.

  • Twin rotary compressor with DC inverter technology, that modulates the output to adapt perfectly to the real load needed.
  • High COP and EER values (all the NXHM heat pumps comply with the highest standards requested in terms of energy efficiency).
  • Performance ratings certified by the third party body HP Keymark.
  • They can be connected to low-temperature radiators, radiant floor elements and fan coil type units.
  • Water heating temperature up to +65°C.
  • Easy, quick installation.
  • Low unit noise level.
  • Wired control panel included, for the complete management of a heating/cooling/DHW system.
  • The control panel can manage up to 6 units (even of different output levels) in cascade format – 1 master and 5 slaves.
  • Anti-freeze protection as standard, to protect the entire system – in particular the hydraulic parts – from the potential damage caused by freezing.


Warranty is 5 years PARTS AND LABOUR based on the installer having completed the necessary Riello installer training, and maintenance being carrier out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Model    Code
170L   29450639
200L   29450640
250L   29450641
300L   29450642

Supplied with:Telford cylinders

  • 22mm monobloc reducer & relief valve*
  • external expansion vessel with bracket
  • TPRV 7bar/90°C*
  • 15-22mm acetal tundish*
  • cylinder stat*
  • 10 way junction box*
  • 22mm two port valve*
  • 22mm three port valve*
  • 25/8m Wilo circulating pump and ISO valves*
  • automatic bypass valve*
  • dual probe thermostat
  • temperature & pressure relief valve*
  • 3kW Incoloy immersion heater(s)*
  • Inlet control group filter
  • LG control panel
  • sanitary water kit
  • *Factory-fitted

Pre-plumbed, indirect, unvented stainless-steel hot water storage cylinder with 50 litre buffer store

Tempest Heat Pump hot water storage cylinders are designed for use with an air source heat pump as the main heat source. They feature a purpose-designed coil with a large surface area to allow maximum heat transfer of renewable energy into the stored water. Manufactured from Duplex stainless-steel, the cylinders are pre-plumbed with pre fabricated pipework, wiring, an integrated buffer and factory-fitted 3 kW immersion heaters to provide back-up heat

Key Features:

  • Remote expansion vessel with factory-fitted wall mounting bracket
  • Full unvented kit supplied
  • Pre-plumbed with pre-fabricated pipework and wiring saves installation time
  • Duplex stainless steel provides superior corrosion resistance
  • White steel cased finish (other colours available on request)
  • 316L grade stainless-steel 22mm compression fittings and coils
  • Supplies mains pressure hot water and high flow rates
  • Fast reheat
  • Factory-fitted temperature and pressure relief value set at 7 bar / 90°C
  • Up to 3 bar max pressure
  • Highly efficient
  • Fully insulated to minimise any heat loss
  • Factory-fitted 3kW immersion heater(s)
  • Integrated 50 litre buffer store
  • Cylinders available in 170-300 litre capacities
  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty on inner container (2 years on components)*

*Terms & Conditions apply

Riello ASHP

NXHM 004-016 Monobloc air-water heat pumps, dimensions

Telford Tempest Cylinder

Please See The Telford Tempest Datasheet


Riello ASHP


Telford Tempest Cylinder


Riello warranty is 5 years PARTS AND LABOUR based on the installer having completed the necessary Riello installer training, and maintenance being carrier out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.