Trianco Activair ASHP Plus Kit 5-15kw with Sunamp 210 Thermino

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Activair Heatpump Plus Pack 5-15kw with Sunamp 210 Thermino

Activair Heat Pump Plus Pack INCLUDES:

  • Easy to install, Activair Heat Pump
  • Sunamp Thermino Thermal Battery
  • Installation kit

Key Features:

  • Space saving hot water solution
  • Compatible with Solar
  • External version available
  • Low heat loss A rated
  • The Activair Heat Pump Plus Pack provides the ultimate space saving solution for hot water.
  • This fully comprehensive package offers a one-stop-shop and one delivery solution for transitioning to renewable heating systems.
  • External casing for full outdoor storage available.
  • Activair High Temp R290 ASHP 9kW, 15kW or 22kW
  • Sunamp Thermino 210 or 300 HPPV Thermal Battery
  • Space saving thermal storage for Activair Heat Pumps linked to solar PV for greater protection against soaring energy costs.
  • Installation Kit PV
  • Remote monitoring via sim card for 5 years
  • Anti frost protection
  • 5 year warranty


Activair Sunamp Installer Pack

  • Pressure reducing valve
  • 28mm 3 port motorized valve
  • 2 x 28mm extended stem Iso Valves
  • 0.5l expansion vessel
  • TMV3 blending valve
  • 22mm Auto Bypass


Trianco Activair R290 High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

Activair R290 R290 Refrigerant Guide

Activair High Temp Manual

Trianco Brochure

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Heat Pump Warranty: 5 years (3 years parts and labour).  Activair High Temp 5 Year Warranty