JA Solar 405W All Black Panels. JAM54S31-405/MR BLACK

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JA Solar

JA Solar 405W All Black Panels. JAM54S31-405/MR BLACK

All Black Panels, with the model number JAM54S31-405/MR BLACK, offer excellent performance and a sleek design. These panels are highly efficient and are a great choice for any solar energy project. Incorporating these panels into your setup will ensure optimal energy generation and a sophisticated aesthetic.

  • Including cable (ca. 120 cm) and MC4 EVO2 connector system
  • Stable anodized black alu-frame
  • High-performance solar cells
  • Version with 11 busbars
  • Glass thickness 2.8 mm
  • Length 1722mm
  • Width 1134mm


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Length     1722mm
Width      1134mm
Number of cells along    18
Lenght of Cables     120cm
Number of cells across     6
Power Rating Pmax      400Wp
Power Tolerance     5000
Cell width       18200mm
Nominal Voltage Umpp      3101V

See manual for full specifications



12 year warranty.