GivEnergy GEN 3 Hybrid Inverter 3.68KW. GIV-HY3.6 GEN 3

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The third generation of the GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter is a battery and solar inverter in one unit.

It can be coupled directly with solar panels to generate usable electricity in the property as well as store any excess energy for later use in a battery.

The Hybrid Inverter aims to minimise export by storing excess energy in the battery during generation hours. Additionally, it will minimise import by discharging to meet demand in the property.

Inbuilt Wifi & Lan: You no longer need to worry about where you put that dongle (!) the WIFI and Lan are built in, Higher charge/Discharge rate: high efficiency, high battery discharge rates of 3.6KW, Flexible rate tariff: Charge the batteries at off peak, when it is cheaper, and discharge the battery at peak times for the highest savings. Industry leading 12 year warranty!

AC attributes:
Max power: 3.6kW
Max current: 16A
Number of phases: 1

DC attributes:
Max PV power: 7.5kW
Max Isc: 20A
Max I (per string): 15A
Max voltage: 580V
Start up voltage: 150V
No. of MPPTs: 2
MPPT Range: 120-550V

Battery type: LiFePO4
Battery voltage range: 45-58V
Charge / discharge current: 65A / 81A
Max. Charge/Discharge: 3300W / 3600W
Backup Terminal Parameters (AC):
Nominal AC output power: 3600W
Nominal voltage: 230Vac
Max. output current: 16A
Automatic switch time: 10ms

Max efficiency: 97.6%
Charge / discharge efficiency: 94% / 94%
IP rating: IP65
Weight: 32kg
Dimensions: 588 x 214 x 480mm



Industry leading 12 year warranty!


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