Homegrid Lithion Battery Stack’d Series 9.6KWH stack including 2x Stack’d 4.8kw & 1x BMS

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Homegrid Lithion Battery Stack’d Series 9.6KWH stack including 2x Stack’d 4.8kw & 1x BMS 

576KWH Max Storage Available (15 x 8 stacks) the most comprehensive scalability in the ESS market!

Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey with the Homegrid Stack’d Series – where innovation meets power and excitement knows no bounds! Presenting the 2x Stack System, boasting an impressive 9.6kWh of storage and an unstoppable 8.6kW of continuous power.

Works extremely well with our Solis Hybrid Inverter range but can also work with Victron, or Growatt.

The Homegrid battery has been manufactured in the rugged desert of Nevada in the USA and with that in mind it has been manufactured to be durable and fit for purpose in the outside environment; it is IP55 and comes with heated modules meaning that in those cold desert nights the batteries continue to perform at the highest standards

Battery Chemistry: LFP
Nominal DC Voltage: 51.2 V
Capacity: 5.12kWh
Max Systems in Parallel: 63 (322.6kWh)
Discharge: 100 A (5.12kW)
Charge: 100 A (5.12kW)
Communication: Modbus, CAN, or select according to inverter
Warranty: 10 year warranty
Service Plan: 20 year serviceable
Temp Range: 0C – 45C charging, -10C -55C discharging
Certifications: UN 38.3, UL 1642, UL 1973, CE, IEC62619
Product Dimensions: 23.6 in x 18.9 in x 5.3 in (600 mm x 480 mm x 135 mm)
IF Degree Protection: IP20 Indoor
Touch Screen Display (Opt): Quick view of charge/discharge, SOC and SOH
Model Number: CP1-LFP05120-1A01
Compatible Inverters: Sol-Ark, Schneider, Growatt, Solis, Solis, Sofar, Sermatec, Victron, Studer, Goodwell
Weight: 58kg (128lbs)
Mounting: Wall Mounted


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10 year warranty